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lunes, 18 de abril de 2011

Bad Company - Run With The Pack - 1976

Run with the Pack, Bad Company's third and best album, reiterates the raw, rowdy style of their debut, Bad Co., solidifies the loose ends that marred Straight Shooter, and adds new directions of its own. Maybe most importantly, the record is refreshing proof that rockers don't have to produce literature in their lyrics or cultivate personae to create good art. Bad Company's is a purely musical triumph.
Paul Rodger's voice and Mick Ralph's guitar continue to be the quartet's foundation -- about half of Run with the Pack is the loud abrasive rock they are best known for. And it matters less that certain songs here resemble earlier works ("Honey Child" and "Sweet Lil' Sister" are kin to "Can't Get Enough" and "Movin' On") than that each of the new bears its own vitality and originality.

1. "Live for the Music" (Ralphs) – 3:58
2. "Simple Man" (Ralphs) – 3:37
3. "Honey Child" (Burrell/Ralphs/Rodgers) – 3:15
4. "Love Me Somebody" (Rodgers) – 3:09
5. "Run With the Pack" (Rodgers) – 5:21
6. "Silver, Blue and Gold" (Rodgers) – 5:03
7. "Young Blood" (Leiber/Stoller/Pomus) – 2:37
8. "Do Right by Your Woman" (Rodgers) – 2:51
9. "Sweet Lil' Sister" (Ralphs) – 3:29
10. "Fade Away" (Rodgers) – 2:54

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