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miércoles, 6 de abril de 2011

Liquid Sound Company - Exploring the Psychedelic ( 1996 )

Nasoni has made another heroic act by re-releasing this Texas psychedelia classic that was originally released on the highly collectible Rockadelic Records in 1996. Liquid Sound Company is a group led by John Perez, the leading figure and guitarist in the doom band Solitude Aeturnus. He formed this band to be able to play more mind-expanding music. On one of the tracks on the album the singer of Solitude Aeturnus takes cares of the vocals, and John does a good job on others. At the time, John sent me a CD copy of this great album released on his own Brainticket label, and I wrote a review for the Colossus mag. My only, little complaint back then was the lack of keyboards or synthesizer, for example a Moog or some other analogue gear would have been nice. John then told me, that he just couldn't get anybody to play synth, but on the second, even better LSC album even that little deficiency was taken care of.Exploring the Psychedelic has aged very well, and still sounds very good. There are some oriental influences, hypnotic and pretty minimal, peaceful stuff and also some heavy fuzz guitar action on the album.

Track list:
01. A Splash of Color
02. Mesmerizing Eye
03. Ride the Coaster Pyramid
04. Let the Incense Drift
05. Golden Gate'67
06. Swallow
07. Sadhana Siddhi

John Perez - Guitar and other things
Jason Spradlin - Drums and other weird things
David Fargason - Bass and strange deals
Mark Cook - War Guitar and audio paintings

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